I like colourful things!

And I guess you´ve noticed if you are used to my shop and my bags 🙂 (or my house and the way I dress up myself and the kids if you´re a friend). I was very happy when A. came here and chose the main fabric for the handbag I would sew for her. Because when I bought this fabric I thought about making a lining of a handbag as I enjoy to play with inside and outside fabrics of the bags I sew, so I thought using it for something inside and more or less hyde in, because I notice most of women around here do not like sooooo colourful like I do. But as soon as A. saw this fabric she opened her beautiful eyes very wide and said: “I want that one!!! it has a lot of life on it!” And this was the result:

17_ago_2009 (26)

for the pocket outside I sewed the bottom in a way that when it is full it opens up and leave place for the stuff, when is empty you can press it close and it looks tide and beautiful.

17_ago_2009 (45)

17_ago_2009 (6)

August 27, 2009 - Posted by | Made by me

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