no to nuclear power

we all should press our politicians to try to stop the building of new nuclear power stations, and start to think what to do with the hundreds that already exist in the world. “we are dealing with diabolical energy”, says the scientist about what is going on in Japan right now on the video below. I can not stop thinking on them, I love Japanese culture and feel so sorry for them! And I feel very sorry for all human beings that exist, and that will exist one day. It seems we are poisoning the world right now. Listening this woman speaking about what is going on over there, I ask myself why such silence on the other newspapers and television? We should be talking about it without stop right now, and trying to agree in a position to avoid that new catastrophes like those 2 (Chernobyl and Fukushima) come out again, and I guess this is only possible if we avoid to use nuclear power. Even if we would have to change our way of living. We should better really think about all this stuff and not just pretend nothing is happening right now.

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