Dear old and new customers, welcome to my blog! Due to the Corona crisis and the shortage of masks on the market to avoid the spreading of the viruses, I am here to help you and the community to bring some protection to the streets.

Since Monday the shops are reopened in Austria. But with some rules, like the obligatory use of masks and keeping distance between people. I guess this will be the “new normal” for many months (years?) to come, until we get a new vacination against the Covid-19. Also to have fabric masks will help us to be more sustainable. All the masks I am offering you are made with pure cotton, are very confortable and practical to use, can be washed in the washing machine (better inside a net to protect the elastic band, 30-40°C), and hot ironed after dried – avoid that the elastic bands do not melt.

And the best news for people who use glasses like me: the polyester masks that we get in the shops are impossible to use together with glasses, the breath condensates on the lenses and you can not see anything (it’s just with me?). Today I was going to shop with the one I sewed myself made of cotton and it was perfect. Really comfortable. The glasses fit steady on top of them and it doesn´t fog the lenses.

The masks are sewed with a double layer fabric and they are available in 3 different sizes (male/female/child). You attach it to your face very quickly and easily by passing the elastic band behind your ears, and adjusting it on your face by pulling the fabric to opposite direction up and down.

I have to remind you that only medical masks with special air filters protect you from getting the virus, those masks I make are just to protect the others if you need to cough or sneeze. They do NOT protect you against getting the sickness yourself. But if everybody uses masks the spread of the epidemy will slow down, letting some time to our hospitals to recover 💞. Stay safe, use masks, keep distance and carry on.


Bellow all the fabrics available to make the masks (click on them to see bigger pictures and the number of each fabric). All 100% cotton. They cost €15 + Postage. For ordering them or if you have any question please feel free to contact me at








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