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One of my favorite places in Vienna is Filmmuseum next to Albertina Museum. Because they always play great movies from all times. There is, for example, a series called “Was ist Film” programmed by Peter Kubelka that plays movies since the beggining of Cinema till now: while the serie is unfinished, because Kubelka is still adding new programms – I was at the last one some weeks ago when he himself presented the filmmaker Günter Zehetner and spoke about 8mm films – they always start from the first programm over and over again.

I was doing 2 pictures of Kubelka, because for someone that loves Cinema like me, I just could not let it go the opportunity to do a photo (or whatever this seems to be) of the art film director considered to be one of the best alive 😛

So, with you, the resemblance of Herr Kubelka:



But I do not want to speak today about Kubelka. I want to speak about Pier Paolo Pasolini (1922-1975), because they are playing his movies at the moment in Filmmusem, and I wanted to speak a little about him here since it started, but I didn´t have the time. If you are from Vienna you still have a chance to see some of his films.

Pasolini is always somehow shocking, he provokes your emotions and thoughts, it´s impossible for me to go out of his movies without something had changed inside me. Although this is not a good example because it´s a very strong movie, after I left the cinema when I saw Salo, Or the 120 Days of Sodom (1975) I was walking without direction in Sao Paulo for almost 15 minutes before I realized I was lost. Completely spaced out.

And by far one of my favorite movies is Medea (1970) starring opera diva Maria Callas. All the movies of Pasolini from the ´70 based on the Greek tragedies (he also filmed Oedipus Rex) or on literature (like The Decameron) are so special for me, because he really creates such a different atmosphere, the costumes, the locations, the music, the objects, the actors that usually are not professional actors but people invited by him to act, he makes it in such a way that a whole new world is created and turned “real” in front of your eyes. The landscape in Medea is so powerful to help on this goal (he shot much of this movie in Cappadocia, not too far from the location of Colchis, whith these houses made of earth bilded up by the cliffs in the middle of the desert), that when the movie finishes you feel like you really was by a fabled, magic, mysterious and mythological world. Great movie. Next Sunday at Filmmuseum. Someone there wants to come along? 😉

Maria Callas as Medea

Maria Callas as Medea


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