New at the shops :)

I have been using mine for some weeks now, and I totally aproved it ;o)

To welcome spring a new floral collection full of colours and happiness.

Because is made by fabric, it is very light and do not take any space more than the one of the sunglasses/glasses themselves. And doing so can be used with all kind of bags, including the very small ones. Inside there is a very soft fabric to avoid scratches on the lens. Dear customers and friends, there you have the Sunglasses cases new modell, your new companion for the summer.

Can be find here and here. Have a nice spring, enjoy it!


favorita_todas brille etui

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Pom-poms :)

I would like to offer some more pictures for the listing on Limabaum´s online shop, so people can feel/see more about the yarn texture and colours. I hope you´ll enjoy!

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Of Human Kindness

How nice surprise was to receive today in the morning a dear message on Limabaum Etsy shop with a link that led me to read the warm words and see the beautiful site of Birgit. Thank you Birgit, those expressions of love are totally a big reason to continue 🙂

Limabaum bei Birgit

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Those 2 cases, one for a Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, and the other for a Digital Camera Nikon Coolpix L27, they both found together a new home in Berlin, the beloved city! How happy I was to send them overthere? SEHR!




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New clutch model

I would like to show you some pictures of a new model I just gave in the shop now. It is made of a very strong English fabric with floral pattern on it, and the bottom is made of genuine leather in a distressed brown colour, an eye catching clutch. I hope you will like it 🙂

clutch # 1 (5)

clutch # 1 (4)

clutch # 1 (7)

clutch # 1 (10)

clutch # 1 (2)

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iPad/Kindle padded case

To show you all how is the easiest way to close the iPad/Kindle case in Limabaum´s Dawanda shop I made a video for you. Please have in mind I was holding the camera with one hand and filming with the other, it is much easier to open it up if you have your both hands holding the case.

I hope I can help the clients that bought the case to handle it better. I could not upload the video straight to the blog (sorry, I will fix that!), so please take a look into Limabaum´s Facebook page, here:

Limabaum Kindle case

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Tube scarf (or loop scarf)

there is this new scarf in the Limabaum Dawanda shop, and I would like to add some more photos as there I just can upload 4 of them, but I had some more possibilities to show you how to use this scarf.
It is a long one (1,60m sewed in a tube) x 72cm wide. As you can see there are many different ways to use it. Have a look (please, double click on the photos to see them big):

you can use it also as a shawl crossed in the front:

or in the back side:

or as a necklace:

in the Indian way:

here how the fabric looks like, it is transparent (durchsichtig), light but warm for cool spring evenings:

thank you if you came to here from Dawanda site 🙂
here is the link for the scarf in my shop. Enjoy!

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Happy New Year! Frohes Neues Jahr!

I wish you all a wonderful new year, full of good surprises, peace and love.
Thanks to all the clients of Limabaum shop, you gave me a huge reason to be glad and happy with my work, and always to have challenges to surpass, and doing so continue to grow little by little, like life should be. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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to build a home

this melancholic song brings me back somehow to childhood, maybe the climbing tree scene, or the deep root idea of home on my mind.

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Its Christmas time! And I invite all of you to participate in a giveaway by Limabaum´s Facebook page. All you need to do is “like” Limabaum in Facebook and tell me in a message there which is your favorite Limabaum product in Limabaum Dawanda shop (see link in the side bar). I will maybe add that product you choose from the shop too to the parcel I will send completely for free (for you) around Christmas time. What you can win for sure is a iPad case from the photos bellow! I will give all names in a hat and my daughter N. will pick up the winner (you can see a video with the winner´s name on 15/12/2011 here and in Facebook). Come and play along! If you do not have an iPad, you could also use the case for bringing books inside your handbag without having their pages all messed up. I hope you enjoy it!

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