oh, dear!

When I started this blog I wanted to do it for having a space where I could speak about craft, about sewing (my new passion), and a space where I could upload as many pictures I would like from my projects that I make for us, for friends, and for selling here and here.
But at the moment I do not find any time! At my little free time from children and housework I seat quick, very quick – before someone cries or calls me to read a story (actually I must “invent” a story most of the time) – at my sewing machine and let my mind fly in colours and shapes. A bit of daydream and freedom for this mind that in the last 5 years only thought about babys, children education, children nutrition, children kindergarten (now children school! oh my, time flies!) and I keep asking myself how so many crafter women can have a family, a blog, and still find time for sewing so many nice things. (do they have anyone to help they to sew? just curious, maybe I should do that, or at least someone to help to look for the children – I am only dreaming a bit, here in Austria work is soooo expensive, I guess I could never afford it). I have, for example, designed 16 new models and ideas for handbags and pouches and find no time for doing the prototypes!
I feel so unorganized. Sorry friends (and everyone) that comes here always searching a bit of my world, I promise I will try to be more consequent and come here more often to write what is going on.
So, this was a big post only for saying nothing at all… 🙂
For do not losing your time completely, I will let you with the Brazilian designers Fernando and Humberto Campana, the most criative thing I saw the last days (via Milton Lima). They have created a polo shirt for Lacoste that is astonishing cool. As Milton said, for the first time I wish to have something from Lacoste ;).
They sewed together the logo of Lacoste, the little crocodile, in the shape of a shirt, it´s like a crocodile lace (note there are spaces between them, must be good for summer!), brilliant! See more about here.


Lacoste + Campana


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