Oh, joy:

And although the feeling that some things make part of my most deep self, it´s very sad to do not feel completely “at home” anymore. I once heard this known Italian psychiatrist speaking about that feeling, he himself living more than 20 years in Brazil, and now half a year in Brazil, half in New York, back in Italy some times, and do not feeling at home anywhere, also feeling very well at the lands he chose to live. It´s very sad to see that the decision of living abroad for a long time affects, maybe forever, that warm feeling of what the German speakers call “heimat”, that confortable feeling to belong to a place.
For me now is like this: when I am here, I miss there; when I am there, I miss here! And also this could make me a cold person, in the meaning of being distant because of losing inner links, I think in my case it made the opposite, it made me more human, trying to understand and to feel like the one near me, being here or there. The only thing I can not understand is agressive and violent people. Here or there. Whatever reason they might have.


November 24, 2009 - Posted by | Thoughts and Feelings

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