“Encyklopaedie der weiblichen Handarbeiten”

This wonderful book came to our hands in a Flohmarkt in Baden (Austria) and I was amazed with the quantity and the beauty of the embroidery works on it. Also the book gives more space to embroidery and lace, there are also good amount of knitting and crochet, and many other different kinds of needlework. A little bit about the author that I found out in the net:

“Thérèse Maria Josepha von Dillmont was born in 1846 and studied in Vienna at an embroidery school founded by the Empress Marie-Therese. After completing her schooling, she moved to Donarch, a village near Mulhouse, France, and founded her own embroidery school at a time when most aristocratic women confined their embroidery to salons and boudoirs.
The success of Dillmont´s school in Mulhouse led to shops bearing her name in Vienna, Paris, London and Berlin. A true pioneer of needlework, she traveled extensively, studied needlework in many countries, and collected hundreds of pieces of outstanding embroidery.”

How exciting! And how nice she let part of her knowledge to us so we can try this beautiful needlework, a loud “VIVA” for Thérèse!

In German the book is called “Encyklopaedie der weiblichen Handarbeiten” and you can find it here. For the English version, called “Encyclopedia of Needlework” it is possible to find some here.


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