Sushi, by Fernando & Humberto Campana

This is the most inspiring sofa I have ever seen (for a fabric lover like myself is a feast for the senses), from the designers Fernando and Humberto Campana. It´s a whole collection made of different kind of fabrics rolled together like sushi rolls, not only sofas, but also chairs, tables, stools and bowls. If you have a look at their site, go to “Sushi” on the main “map” with their work, and delight yourself with this great collection. The collection called “Favelas” are also amazing, and for the crafters: what to say about the chair “Multidão”? And speaking about waste from the last post, they also use waste products on the furniture and objects they create (not only). I remember many years ago they used PET bottles to create increadible objects. More about their work in german here and here.

And two photos from the chair “Multidão” (“Crowd”):


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