Christmas Gifts

It´s so nice to make yourself the gifts! It turns to be something very special, not only for the love behind the whole care about it, but also because you can make it according to the exact taste of the person that you wish to give the gift to. This year I made 4 skirts, 2 for my daugthers, 2 for my nieces. One of my nieces love mermaids, and when I saw this collection of fabrics I thought immediatelly about her and the idea for the skirts came to my mind: the wave moviment of the water goes so well with the skirt´s shape. I had only 1 day (and night! until 3:00 o´clock in the morning I seat sewing on the 23/12) and a half, on 24/12, 14:00 o´clock I was ready with them all, and this was how they look like:

I do not have much from those fabrics left, but I could make one more skirt from them, like the patchwork style I made for my 2 years old on the pictures, in all children sizes. If you are interest write me a message on Dawanda or Etsy, and I will be happy to sew one of those for your girl!

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Badener Adventmeile 2009

I became a sewing machine, yeah! sewing, sewing and sewing, shaking a bit with my favorite musics along (soon (hahahahaha) post about my favorite songs at the moment) and also and mainly being a funny (yet speedy) mama in between fabrics, pins and scissors (attention, very dangerous combination (children and scissors)! a have mine hanging out of my neck). And after all, dear friends and custumers, I have a huge amount (oh, well, in the human basis huge amount) of Marie-Antoinettes for you! But attention, there is only one of each combination of fabrics, come to see if you find one for you in Baden, at the Badener Adventmeile 2009, on 12th and 13th and 19th and 20th of December (2 weekends before Christmas) I will be standing there from 12 o´clock on, wearing my thicker coat ever, just to see you, and talk to you, and maybe have a Punsch together with you.

I have got to go now, there is a pile of Marie-Antoinettes-to-be looking to me right now over there, and takes me around 3 hours for sewing each of them! I´ll be back.

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my first patchwork

it was a lot of fun (and work!). I was never much into patchwork, I guess I was scared of combining so many colors and sewing so many shapes together, but it is a lot of fun! it is like doing a free puzzle, where you chose which is the next part to come, and one which to combine shapes and colours it´s the main goal! what a great adult entertainment 😉 mainly because after all that fun, you can still use it for something special or practical, like covering your baby (quilt), or yourself (well, that´s a LOT of work), or making something small like a time out handbag, like I did. Have a look:

first pathwork_20_jul_2009

here I was puting it together, trying which colours I would like to have…

first pathwork_20_jul_2009 (2)

here it was sewed, through the back you can see how to sew them together: think you have to sew in straight lines, so first you sew the small peaces in long stripes, then sew the stripes together, I started by sewing them first horizontally, then vertically (actually only 2 peaces were sewed in a vertical way, the one with the pattern of a car and the striped mustard fabric + flowers at the bottom):

first pathwork_20_jul_2009 (3)

and the result was this:

08_08_2009 (31)

08_08_2009 (32)

08_08_2009 (34)

03082009 (31)

03082009 (35)

that´s it! this one is one-of-a-kind, I could not make a second one like that again. And this one became a gift for my beloved friend A.M. Enjoy it, dear A., I am happy it will be a companion to your time out!

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welcome spring!

We are craving for some colours after this dark winter we had here in Austria this year: come flowers and leaves, we need you!

I made a book shelter (or netbook case if you prefer) to welcome spring, using one of my favorite flowers (the sunflowers) on a wonderful pattern from an amazing english fabric. I hope it will make you smile.




>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>you can read more about it in my little shop

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