New clutch model

I would like to show you some pictures of a new model I just gave in the shop now. It is made of a very strong English fabric with floral pattern on it, and the bottom is made of genuine leather in a distressed brown colour, an eye catching clutch. I hope you will like it 🙂

clutch # 1 (5)

clutch # 1 (4)

clutch # 1 (7)

clutch # 1 (10)

clutch # 1 (2)


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iPad/Kindle padded case

To show you all how is the easiest way to close the iPad/Kindle case in Limabaum´s Dawanda shop I made a video for you. Please have in mind I was holding the camera with one hand and filming with the other, it is much easier to open it up if you have your both hands holding the case.

I hope I can help the clients that bought the case to handle it better. I could not upload the video straight to the blog (sorry, I will fix that!), so please take a look into Limabaum´s Facebook page, here:

Limabaum Kindle case

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New model in the shop: Kindle (or iPad) kangaroo case

I am using this case myself the last weeks, and it is 100% approved! It is good for travelling long time with your kindle (you can “plug” a zipper case in to bring the cables along), or just for the day-by-day carrying it around from home to work, university, park, train, etc, when you do not need the cables around – the battery from the kindle last days! – so you just disconnect the zipper case from the main body and the whole case is lighter to carry around.

This from the photos are mine, although I could make one more like this one, but the zipper from the small cable case would be in black colour.

if you would like to have more details, please have a look here.

Almost all the Smartphone cases at Limabaum´s Dawanda shop can become a Kangaroo case for Kindle or iPad (1 or 2), please have a look here for other fabric/pattern choices.

I hope you´ll like the new model like I do!

It is also possible to make a Smartphone case with the same Owl pattern, please send me a message at Dawanda if you would like to have one to match with your kindle case, like mine on the photo bellow.

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Carnival 2011

she thought about herself, completely alone and up to details (the white face, the painted eyes, the umbrella, etc) which costume she would like to have this year. it was on my side to bring it into reality. it was a great fun to sew a kimono! but as the kids have been ill the last 10 days, I did not have much time to work on it, I made on the weekend, and it took I think around 15 hours till was ready – thanks to my husband that was taking care of them and so I could work without stop. And I think it turned out very cute! but the important thing is that she love it, and jumped of happiness around the house in her new kimono, now she was a “real” Japanese. I guess she´s been watching too many movies of Miyazaki. 🙂

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New at Dawanda

I made this days a new wallet model, I call it “time-out wallet”, just for the essentials, to bring inside your jeans pocket to the dancefloor 🙂 – it fits very well in there.

you can find them here.

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Patchwork Pencil Case # 1

This is what the other small peace of patchwork I have made some time ago became, a pencil case. I used 2 layers of interfacing to make a soft and very strong one – the fabrics also help, almost all of them are a mixture between linen and cotton, what results in a wonderful consistence, soft but very sturdy. I think this case will last a lifetime! (it can be washed, but better by hand to keep the shape nice for a longer time.)

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iPhone case – Patchwork # 1

So, this is one of the results from the small patchwork peaces I showed some time before, it became a case for an iPhone. The “funny” thing is that who was in love with it and taking it to protect his iPhone was a man, it made me smile, and like him even more :), the man who brings always a flower inside his pocket!

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To Carolina, with LOVE

The fabrics she have chosen, so nice! Japanese and English fabrics, and the way they should combine was also her choice, I loved them, Carol!
For you, with lots of love!

Enjoy, my dear Carol!

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Work in progress

I am working on them already for so long… I would like to show you,

for kindle or e-book, or for an average size book…

some patchwork I made last week I do not know yet what they will become, but have some obvious ideas:

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One more Christmas´ gift

I would like to show you also a handbag I made for a friend as a Christmas´ gift for her daughter, because I was very happy about the result: it´s like a tote, but the shape at the bottom is squared, living a lot of space inside to carry all the important things a 5 years old girl needs when going out 😉 The pattern was designed by myself, inspired in a Japanese bag I saw once in a magazine.
My friend D. chose a sweet piglets fabric for it, inside I sewed also a bag with a string for closing it better, making sure her things would not follow out of the bag (well, I think this would not be really necessary, but her girl wanted so much to have the “Beutel” inside!), so, here we go:

The skirt my girl is wearing at the photos was also made by me 🙂

I still have a handbag like the one with the piglets here at home, but in another fabric I made as a prototype for seeing if the shape I drawn on paper would work on fabric. I will give it soon at my little shop in Dawanda if you are possible interested on it. The tote is small in size but can fit a lot inside, if you need that extra space when only your handbag is not big enough for everything you need to bring along, or to go out just like this, a charming little tote! Have a look at my shop in Dawanda for it if you would like to.

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