my first patchwork

it was a lot of fun (and work!). I was never much into patchwork, I guess I was scared of combining so many colors and sewing so many shapes together, but it is a lot of fun! it is like doing a free puzzle, where you chose which is the next part to come, and one which to combine shapes and colours it´s the main goal! what a great adult entertainment 😉 mainly because after all that fun, you can still use it for something special or practical, like covering your baby (quilt), or yourself (well, that´s a LOT of work), or making something small like a time out handbag, like I did. Have a look:

first pathwork_20_jul_2009

here I was puting it together, trying which colours I would like to have…

first pathwork_20_jul_2009 (2)

here it was sewed, through the back you can see how to sew them together: think you have to sew in straight lines, so first you sew the small peaces in long stripes, then sew the stripes together, I started by sewing them first horizontally, then vertically (actually only 2 peaces were sewed in a vertical way, the one with the pattern of a car and the striped mustard fabric + flowers at the bottom):

first pathwork_20_jul_2009 (3)

and the result was this:

08_08_2009 (31)

08_08_2009 (32)

08_08_2009 (34)

03082009 (31)

03082009 (35)

that´s it! this one is one-of-a-kind, I could not make a second one like that again. And this one became a gift for my beloved friend A.M. Enjoy it, dear A., I am happy it will be a companion to your time out!


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