Badener Adventmeile 2009

I became a sewing machine, yeah! sewing, sewing and sewing, shaking a bit with my favorite musics along (soon (hahahahaha) post about my favorite songs at the moment) and also and mainly being a funny (yet speedy) mama in between fabrics, pins and scissors (attention, very dangerous combination (children and scissors)! a have mine hanging out of my neck). And after all, dear friends and custumers, I have a huge amount (oh, well, in the human basis huge amount) of Marie-Antoinettes for you! But attention, there is only one of each combination of fabrics, come to see if you find one for you in Baden, at the Badener Adventmeile 2009, on 12th and 13th and 19th and 20th of December (2 weekends before Christmas) I will be standing there from 12 o´clock on, wearing my thicker coat ever, just to see you, and talk to you, and maybe have a Punsch together with you.

I have got to go now, there is a pile of Marie-Antoinettes-to-be looking to me right now over there, and takes me around 3 hours for sewing each of them! I´ll be back.


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Heimat II

Just some more words about it, because I am thinking a lot about this after I came back, and although I think I do not need to say, there are two thinks that brings me back to that warm feeling to be back home, and this is by the presence of my beloved friends, there and also already here: with you, my dear ones, I feel always at home, and this feeling there are not distance or time that changes. You are all deep inside my heart, and I love you so!
And another thing that doesn´t change with time and space, and for me it seems very connected with the place where someone was born is the music! it seems is in our blood. I once spoke with an Austrian lady that lived for more than 10 years in Iran, and she said one time after long being away she was in a concert in Austria and tears came immediately to her eyes as soon as the instruments started to play, and her whole skin felt that sounds… the same always happens to me when I listen music from my homeland: my body start to dance without I even realise, and by an eye blick my soul floats into the air in joy, and then I feel very deep my roots.

this amazing picture from the “baiana” of the Brazilian Carnival is from a very talented Brazilian photographer called Zé Lobato, reproduced here with his permission, have a look at his beautiful images of the Brazilian people and landscape at Flickr

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