stolz auf Deutschland! / proud of Germany!

so proud of a land that listen their people! and that looks with responsibility into future. proud, proud, proud! a big VIVA to Germany!

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Carnival 2011

she thought about herself, completely alone and up to details (the white face, the painted eyes, the umbrella, etc) which costume she would like to have this year. it was on my side to bring it into reality. it was a great fun to sew a kimono! but as the kids have been ill the last 10 days, I did not have much time to work on it, I made on the weekend, and it took I think around 15 hours till was ready – thanks to my husband that was taking care of them and so I could work without stop. And I think it turned out very cute! but the important thing is that she love it, and jumped of happiness around the house in her new kimono, now she was a “real” Japanese. I guess she´s been watching too many movies of Miyazaki. 🙂


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The Sartorialist

one of the best blogs I´ve got to know in the last time! He walks through the streets of big cities in the world making those wonderful pictures of the stylish people that cross his way. Beauty! Have a look: The Sartorialist.

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It looks like winter is here!

A little walk with A. through the snow, it´s not easy to “drive” the babycar in the middle of so much snow, but it was nice!

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Herbst in Baden or I love Autumn :)

We had a walk in the forest by our city last week, and that´s how the trees are looking like now – I like so much the yellow light inside the forest at this time of the year:

Inside the forest we ended up walking to the remains of a military defense base from the XII century (if I´m not wrong) where in the middle of the Ruins stand still a tower. Up in the tower that´s the view of Baden:

And the back side:

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Yesterday I was with my friend L. in a really nice tea house in Vienna, what a good feeling! As soon as you come in the main room, a wonderful smell catches your senses (I almost could taste something out of the air!) and all there seems to have being chosen with the most lovely care (not only the wonderful tea they sell it there, but all delicious honey, and jam, and tea companions all around. Upstairs is possible to taste some of their tea, L. and me were trying for the first time Matcha (green powdered tea, the same one the Japanese use for their Tea Ceremony.) It was really special. I brought some matcha with me to our home, and this morning I was making to myself a delicious matcha, oh God, how could I live without this for so long time in my life! And the way you make it? Come with me, I´ll show you:

You will need the Matcha tea powder, a bamboo tea whisk, and a bamboo tea scoop, like this here

look how delicate is the bamboo tea whisk:

Using a bamboo tea scoop, place 2 teascoops of matcha into the tea bowl:

now add a little bit of hot simmering water:

very delicately, stir using the bamboo tea whisk:

Look this green colour!

Then pour more hot water (80°) inside the tea bowl (more or less two fingers up from the bottom of the bowl):

It´s time now to briskly whisk the tea and hot water using the bamboo tea whisk. Move it verticaly back and forth as fast as you can in the middle of the tea bowl. The whisk should barely touch the bottom of the bowl. When some foam has developed, slowly lift the whisk from the center of the bowl.

And here I had drunk most of it already, huumm! so good! My mind was very awake for many hours, and my body with lots of energy!

How many of it can we drink in a day? I forgot to ask this very important question! Ah, if the Japanese would listen to me now! It´s like when I found out I-Ching, I used to play it everyday, it was a way of “relaxing” for me, to talk to myself. Then a friend of mine met a Chinese woman, and she explained her just in special ocasions should we consult the Oracle!

Someone out there knows how often can we drink matcha, please? Seriously, I would drink it everyday now in Autumn without a problem!

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Owl my goodness!

a friend showed this site to me, a live camera in California shows a group of owls in a box. aren´t they sweet?

from here.

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The Story of Stuff

An incredible video about what happens to all the stuff we are producing in our world now. It makes me to stop to think about and want to do something to improve this situation. I hardly recommend to you to watch this:

The Story of Stuff

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kids´dream table-cloth

This would be the dream-comes-through for my little two years old Alena. She´s drawing everything, everywhere, including her body (well, I guess I do not need to mention our walls) at the moment, today she came to me, very proud, to show her belly covered with different colours, her hands (both sides), and some lines at her face too.
And I kept thinking when I first saw this (via swissmiss), that is an amazing idea for keeping an history of all the dinners we cook for our beloved friends too! they can all meet at the white sheet, living messages from the night of the dinner, or drawings (for the artistic ones :), what a great idea! you can find it here.

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it´s here!



Spring started more or less at the same time Easter arrived, two weeks ago. Sunday Easter was a warm sunny day, the children were so happy, and so did we. And made me wonder that a symbol of rebirth like Easter is, come together with all that new born green leaves and explosion of flowers everywhere. Obvious? Well, I lived almost 30 years without strong season differences, I´m still a child concerning with all this kind of seasonal thoughts.

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